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Our services include, routine specimen collection, specialty draws and other laboratory services combined with same day shipping.

Our client constituencies include individuals, special needs clients, difficult draws, adolescents, elderly and special needs patients. 

Our RN’s, Medical Assistants & Phlebotomists are trained and certified.  We collect the specimen where it is most convenient for the client. Such as the comfort of their own home, place of business, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or any alternate location.

Blood Draw 

A team member is assigned to the patient based on geography and arranges a blood draw according to the patient’s availability. Then, the assigned visits the patient’s choice of location and conducts the prescribed blood draw quickly and efficiently.


Medical Research 

Mobile Blood Draw services make it easy and convenient as possible for your participants. We do away with the fuss of donor/participant to have to travel and offer our services to reduce the overhead of agreement for the principal investigators.

Our RN, Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist will collect and transport all types of specimens that may be used for diagnosis and treatment or for research.

We have the right tools, support and expertise to help research organizations.

Health Screening

We perform muiltple Health Screening services such as:

  • Urine 

  • Blood

  • Resting EKG's 

  • Physical Measurements 


Drug Testing

Our methods include urine, oral/saliva, hair follicle and blood.
To ensure accuracy, the specimen’s chain of custody must be continuous from receipt until disposal. So, when you need absolute confidence in drug testing for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion or any program, we have the services you need.

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